February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Important Dates

4 – Enrollment opened to public

8 – Friday – Make Up Day

13 & 14 – Valentine’s Day Celebration

18 – Weidner Center Field Trip

19 – Snowball Dance


Valentine’s Day Celebration: Please do not bring candy or food for the Valentine’s exchange, but friends are welcome to bring cards or small gifts. For cards, please fill in From but not To (this makes it easier to pass out Valentine’s for our friends).

  • Duck Class – 5 students 2 teachers
  • Bunny Class -7 students 2 teachers
  • Frog Class – 11 students 2 teachers
  • Hedgehog Class – 8 students 2 teachers
  • Turtle Class – 8 students 2 teachers
  • Friday only -1 student 1 teacher

Weidner Center Field Trip: Forms have already gone home for the Rainbow Fish performance at the Weidner Center. There are a limited amount of tickets, and they must be paid for in advance, so be sure to return your forms and payments by the date listed on the form.

Snowball Dance: Please join us for a night full of dancing, music and family fun. The event starts at 6 PM in Pilgrim Hall (upstairs).

Classroom Updates

Hedgehog/Turtle Class
The Hedgehog and Turtle friends did a lot of our large motor play inside since the sidewalks and play yard were slippery. You may have seen our yellow tape shapes and lines in the hallway. We jumped and moved across them in many different ways. We explored our building all over. We even practiced stair climbing and ascending.
We have been reading and retelling the story “Sitting in my Box” by Dee Lillegard. The story is about a young boy who brings his book and a box outside and pretends that the animals in the book are getting into the box with him. In the story, a flea jumps right in “a flea never knocks” and bites (for the purpose of our classroom the flea *kisses*) each animal one by one until all of the animals jump out. We had boxes and animals, and the friends giggled while telling the story over and over again.
During the month of February we will be celebrating friendship with our Valentine’s exchange. We also will continue to explore playing music with instruments. We will continue listening to different styles of music as well.  I plan to teach the friends some silly throwback dance moves to possibly use at the Snowball dance later this month.
Frog Class

The Frog friends have been staying warm this January! We have been having a blast playing in our dramatic play area. The bunnies and frogs have created two different winter scenes to play in. We have been learning about hibernation, migration and winter animals.

Our friends painted two different boxes to create a hibernation cave and an igloo! We have read many books and created multiple crafts that are displayed in the hallway outside our room that correlate with our winter themes! Our frogs have really improved on writing/tracing their names on their own.

One of the goals for our classroom is being able to pour our own milk or water at snack along with serving ourselves the fruit/vegetables and crackers. Our friends have really been working hard on this skill!

In the month of February we plan to focus on feelings/emotions and Valentine’s Day. Our dramatic play area will transform into a post office. We will use our writing skills to write letters to one another and learn how to send mail.

Thank you frog families for continuing to bring all the snow gear and extra clothes!

Bunny Class

The colder temperatures have pushed us indoors for our outdoor playtime. When this happens we use the large room upstairs in the church. We bring riding toys, balls, parachute, and whatever else we find in the gross motor closet! The bunnies adapt to this change well and really enjoy the riding toys and parachute. We put the balls on the parachute and yell “Popcorn!” while we shake the parachute up and down until all the balls come off. When we are all done playing that game the parachute is often fashioned in to a fort by placing it over one of the tables.

During the month of January when it is warm enough to be outside we have been fascinated by the ice that has formed on the sandbox. It is not safe to walk on the ice, as it is too slippery, but we have found that allowing the children to investigate the ice by being allowed to crawl on it or roll the tennis balls across it seems to satisfy their curiosity. It is very interesting to look through the ice and see leaves and other things frozen underneath!
We have said goodbye to our hibernation cave and hello to our class igloo. We partnered with the frog class again (they attend in the same room Tuesdays and Thursdays) to make an igloo out of boxes. We have great fun talking about our frog friends and understanding that when the bunnies are out doing things like swim lessons or having a day at home our frog friends are at school in the same room we use! We are finishing up January talking about Arctic animals and animals that do not sleep during winter or fly south.
The bunnies have had fun playing in the igloo. They have shown great problem solving skills when the igloo roof kept falling down. A few prompts from teachers helped them figure out that if the walls were closer together the roof would stay on better. They also discovered that if they pushed the walls from the top they would fall over if they pushed from the bottom they could maneuver them where they wanted without them falling over.
We continue to build conversations about letters and letter sounds in to our daily classroom lessons as well as numbers and counting. We have added a scale to our math area and have done a lesson on balancing the scale. During playtime the scale is available to investigate on their own.
Recent books we have read…
No Two Alike by Keith Baker
Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson
Winter is Here by Kevin Henkes
Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone
Duck Class

The ducks had a super January because we started taking the duck bag home.  It’s so exciting when we get a turn to host the duck! We also have made it half way through the alphabet!  We love coming up with words that start with our letter of the week.  It all leads to us starting to read some words off of the message board every morning!

We will be celebrating two birthdays in February. This is an exciting time for our friends and they are welcome to bring a new or used book for us to expand our school library.

We also have three special occasions this month. Valentine’s Day, our trip to the Weidner Center and the school dance.  Such an exciting month ahead.

We still love our “will it work Wednesday’s” and during S week, we will do science all week!  We will make sure we don’t blow up the school!

As always you are welcome in the classroom anytime.

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